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Thomas Moran  (1837-1926)
Fort George Island, Florida, 1892-1895

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New York City

Jenifer Garland Ross, AAA
Founder and Managing Director

Midwest Regional Office
Karen Fedri, ISA
Regional Representative


African Art Harmer Johnson, AAA
American Folk Art Specialist under contract
American Furniture & Decorative Arts  

Anne Frances Moore, AAA

American Outsider Art

Specialist under contract

American Paintings Noelle DeSantis
Silvia Rocciolo
Anne Frances Moore, AAA
American Portraiture Anne Frances Moore, AAA

Harmer Johnson, AAA
Sarah E. Cox, Ph.D.

Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau & Art Deco Greg Kuharic
George Baker
Arts Glass Specialists under contract
Art Pottery Greg Kuharic
George Baker
Arms & Armor Conor Fitzgerald
and other specialists under contract
Asian Works of Art Marley Rabstenek
Automobiles (Vintage and Historic) Morris and Welford
Books & Ephemera Kevin Kelly
British Paintings 17th-20th Century Piers Davies
Continental Furniture and
Decorative Arts
Jennifer Garland Ross, AAA
Edgar Harden
Clocks David A. Sperling M.D.
Clothing - Couture and Vintage Clothing Specialists under contract
Coins Jason M. Nelson
Dutch Paintings, Drawings & Sculptures Francine Wolterbeek, AAA
Emerging Art Karen Fedri, ISA
English Furniture & Decorative Arts Jennifer Garland Ross, AAA
Elizabeth Chase Rochette
European Works of Art & Sculpture Jennifer Garland Ross, AAA
Frames Edgar Harden
George Baker
Jennifer Garland Ross, AAA
General Household Contents Jennifer Garland Ross, AAA
German Design (jugenstil to bauhaus) Specialists under contract
Impressionist & Modern Art

Silvia Rocciolo
Warren Winegar

Jewelry & Gemstones

Jason M. Nelson
Mark Bunda, AAA
Lila Bankston

Latin American Art Specialists under contract
Maps Specialists under contract
Marine Paintings Piers Davies
Francine Wolterbeek, AAA
Napoleonica Specialists under contract
Native American Art Harmer Johnson, AAA
19th & 20th Century Decorative Arts Gregory Kuharic
19th & 20th Century Paintings Betsy Thomas
Francine Wolterbeek, AAA
Oceanic Art Virginia-Lee Webb, Ph.D., AAA
Old Master Paintings Peter Schweller
Piers Davies
Francine Wolterbeek, AAA
Old Master Drawings & Sculpture Astrid C. Sanai
Orientalist Paintings Betsy Thomas
Photography Silvia Rocciolo
Lucy von Brachel
Francine Wolterbeek, AAA

Jennifer Garland Ross, AAA

Post-War and Contemporary Art Ellen Callamari
Silvia Rocciolo
Anna Di Stasi
Karen Fedri, ISA
Warren Winegar
Francine Wolterbeek, AAA
Pre-Columbian Harmer Johnson, AAA
Prints and Multiples Sarah Kirk Hanley, AAA
Nicole Simpson
Francine Wolterbeek, AAA
Pop Culture and Memorobilia Specialists under contract
Rugs and Carpets Mark Topalian, AAA
Betsy Murphy
Silver Todd Sell
Sporting Art Piers Davies
Sports Memorabilia Specialists under contract
Stamps Jason M. Nelson
Tapestries Jennifer Garland Ross, AAA
Mark Topalian, AAA
Betsy Murphy
Textiles Betsy Murphy
Theatrical Memorabilia Daniel J. Gallagher
20th Century Decorative Arts & Design Greg Kuharic
Edgar Harden
Elizabeth Chase Rochette

Jason M. Nelson

Wine Specialists under contract


International Specialists

Paris, France Elizabeth Chase Rochette


Trusted Affiliates

Pinacoteca, New York