Art Peritus provides expertise, guidance, and support for clients who wish to begin or build their collection. After meeting with the client and discussing the desired investment, timeline, tax context, and aesthetic goals, we research suitable objects that satisfy these criteria. We present our clients with unbiased opinions regarding quality, authenticity, and value of objects presented for purchase. Prior to any purchase, we provide a variety of options and an explanation of buying processes.

Our strong know-how and working relationships with dealers and auction houses provide our clients with access to the best art available in the current market. Throughout this process, we share our research and expertise to keep our clients abreast of any developments.

Art Peritus clients can plan and develop their collections with the benefit of the following services:


We build strategies that meet our clients’ needs. By encouraging an iterative dialogue throughout the process, we strive to ensure that you never feel surprised.

Project Management

Our firm is poised to offer full-service, start-to-finish, on-the-ground management of your collection while large-scale projects such as moving, renovating, or repairs are taking place.


We assist with the care, management, storage, and transport of your collection and can provide our clients with a database that they can access, view, and update.

Market Analysis

Art Peritus analyzes a client’s current or desired collection to provide context and understanding of the competitive landscape for specific pieces or categories.

Object Quality

When clients are bringing works to or acquiring works from the market, we vet the object’s quality, rarity, provenance, and condition to promote informed decision-making.

Worldwide Object Searches

Our strong know-how and working relationships with auction houses, dealers, institutions, and private collectors lend us a view into what is currently available and/or desired.


Art Peritus manages all aspects of the consignment or contract negotiation — whether acquiring or selling. We are able to meet whatever level of discretion our clients desire.


To better inform our clients, we fully research and offer explanation of recent sale comparables using our extensive resources and access into the international art market.

Donation + Gift Assistance

Based on our relationships with worldwide museums and institutions, we devise successful donation strategies, help achieve gifting goals, and provide IRS-compliant appraisals.