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Tiffany Studios “Dragonfly” Lamp
Circa 1905

Art Advisory


For our clients who wish to begin a collection or to develop their current inventory, Art Peritus provides expertise, guidance, and support. After meeting with the client and discussing the desired investment, time speculation, tax issues and overall goal for the collection, we research suitable objects that are in keeping with this criteria. Since we do not maintain an inventory, we are able to present our clients with unbiased opinions of the quality, authenticity and value of objects presented for purchase. We will provide a variety of different options together with a complete understanding of the methods used to arrive at a decision before making a purchase.

We use our know-how and strong working relationships with dealers and auction houses to select and present the best art available in the current market.

Upon request we will research for and identify objects to fit your specifications and we will consistently share our expertise with you during the collection building process.

Art Peritus allows collectors to plan and develop their collections using the following services:

  • Targeted Worldwide Object Searches
  • Art Market Trend Analyses
  • Research of Current Values, State of the Market, and Sales Venues
  • Confirmation of Object Quality, Authenticity, Condition, Rarity and Provenance
  • Negotiation of Terms of Purchase
  • Bid and/or Purchase Recommendations


As an independent broker, Art Peritus will act as agent for the sale of your personal property, art, and antiques. Our clients include law firms, banks, and individuals who wish to monetize their collection in a profitable, expeditious, and discrete manner. We recommend to the seller the best possible sales venue and oversee each step of the sale process. Taking into consideration the needs of the seller, we will either facilitate a private sale or recommend an appropriate auction house.

Art Peritus offers a range of services to assist collectors in the disposition of their property, including:

  • Negotiation on behalf of the seller through the sales process until the conclusion of the transaction.
  • Research and Demonstration of Recent Sale Comparables
  • Assistance with the Care, Management, Storage and Transport of Inventory
  • Arrangement with International Institutions for Donation and Gift Projects
  • Development of Relationships with Museums and Institutions Worldwide to Devise Successful Donation Strategies