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Thomas Moran  (1837-1926)
Fort George Island, Florida, 1892-1895

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Jason M. Nelson
Mr. Nelson is the owner of Nelson Stamp & Coin, which he established in 2001.  He is an appraiser of stamps, coins, jewelry and related items for estate and insurance purposes.  He has been providing fair market value and retail replacement value appraisals since 1998.  He purchases local and national estates containing stamps, coins and jewelry. 

Mr. Nelson has successfully brokered the sale of million dollar stamp collections and significant coin collections.  He frequently performs appraisals for celebrity and high profile clients.  Mr. Nelson travels domestically and internationally to evaluate collections.  He also assists clientele in building and selling specialized collections.  Additionally, he catalogues and sells material through private treaty and via the internet.  Mr. Nelson consults for a number of major firms in the stamp and coin world, and has worked with key members of the stamp and coin industry for years.

Prior to establishing his own business, Mr. Nelson ran the stamp and coin department at William Doyle Galleries.  Mr. Nelson has also worked for Tepper Galleries in New York City. Mr. Nelson comes from a long line of estate dealers, dating back to the nineteenth century.  His family established R. C. Nelson & Sons, which Mr. Nelson worked for before starting off on his own.

Mr. Nelson graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University in 1996 with a BA in History.  He continued his education by studying in residence at the Gemological Institute of America in New York City, receiving his Graduate Gemologist diploma in 1998.  He is a member of the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association.  Mr. Nelson has been a member of the American Philatelic Society since 1989.