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Thomas Moran  (1837-1926)
Fort George Island, Florida, 1892-1895

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Todd Sell
Todd Sell is a specialist in English and American silver.  Mr. Sell began his career in the decorative arts in his home town of Toronto, working with Christie’s Auction House coordinating appraisals and valuations.  In 2000 he moved to New York to head the silver department at Christie’s East where he appraised silver and held quarterly sales of American, English and Continental Silver.  Cataloguing and appraising over 1000 lots each year helped to train his eye.

Mr. Sell attended Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario Canada where he received his Bachelor of Arts, Honors.  Immediately following graduation, he took a position with Christie’s Toronto which allowed him to pursue his love of the decorative arts, especially silver.  He has an appreciation for English silver, and now with living in America, has come to love American silver of the Gilded Age.