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Thomas Moran  (1837-1926)
Fort George Island, Florida, 1892-1895

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Virginia-Lee Webb, PH.d., AAA
Virginia-Lee Webb is an art historian who specializes in Oceanic art, African art, and photography. She has over thirty-five years experience as an art museum curator and has organized over twenty exhibitions. Dr. Webb has published extensively on the traditional arts, provenance, museum and collection histories, and photography. She received her doctorate from Columbia University where she was as a Marcia and John A. Friede Fellow in Oceanic Art and also a President's Fellow.

She received her MA in art history at Hunter College in postwar American abstract painting and sculpture, and her BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Dr. Webb is a Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of America.

Dr. Webb has published articles and books on the history of collections, artists, and photography. Some of her recent exhibitions and publications on the traditional arts of Oceania and Africa are Ancestors of the Lake: Art of Lake Sentani and Humboldt Bay, Coaxing the Spirits to Dance: Art of the Papuan Gulf, and Perfect Documents: Walker Evans and African Art. Her research has contributed new information and insight about the display and history of art, and the interpretation of colonial and expeditionary photographs especially those made in situ in Africa and Oceania.