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Perîtus  Latin: expert, skillful, experienced
Art Advisory
For those who wish to begin a collection or to develop their current inventory, Art Peritus provides expertise, guidance, and support.
Art Appraisals
We provide detailed, objective, carefully researched, and illustrated appraisals that conform to The Art Loss Register and The Getty Information Institute “Object ID” standards.
Collection Management

Have professionals manage your important collection. Using highly recognized software programs designed for collectors, Art Peritus is able to assist with the management of your entire collection. We also provide assistance with Conservation, Restoration, Framing, Installation, Insurance, Packing, Photography, Storage, Shipping and Archiving.

Member Art Appraisers of America  
Art Peritus
Thomas Moran (1837-1926)
Fort George Island, Florida
, 1892-1895

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