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Art Peritus is widely recognized as a leading authority within the world of passion asset ownership, trusted and relied upon by the private collector, the insurance community,  collectors’ attorneys, and wealth management professionals.

Management Software

Employing our proprietary database software or your own, we streamline and centralize the management of your treasured collection.

Multiple Location

By centralizing inventory records in a client-accessible database, Art Peritus can efficiently manage collections, even when their elements are dispersed across various locations.

Video Cataloging

Alongside an electronic catalog, we can furnish time- and date-stamped video recordings of your collection.


We create photographic and fully documented inventories for estate planning, insurance, and general record keeping from the ground up: 

  • Full-color illustrations
  • Comprehensive descriptions including size, condition, and comparables
  • Purchase history
  • Provenance
  • Concise artist biographies
  • Exhibition history
  • Literature records


Our custom-built illustrated inventory report furnishes comprehensive data,  for the collector to:

  • Monitor new acquisitions
  • Record purchase information
  • Track location of items on loan or objects sent out for restoration
  • Organize your collection by object type


“The ability to communicate with the Art Peritus team throughout the process of relocating our large collection was invaluable!”
Private Collector, New York City

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