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The Art of Appraisal

Appraisers are independent, objective experts who are capable of accurately determining and substantiating an asset’s value. 
Art Peritus is considered to be one of the industry’s foremost appraisal authorities.


In the realm of self-regulated appraisal practices, Art Peritus stands out for its commitment to rigorous standards. Our appraisers and internal staff maintain compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and a considerable number of our specialists hold certifications from the Appraisers Association of America (AAA) and other organizations. The meticulous oversight of our dedicated account managers ensures that the requisite level of certification required for each appraisal need is met.

Scope of

Art Peritus prides itself on operating a comprehensive global network of seasoned professional appraisers who possess expert knowledge across a diverse spectrum of collecting categories. From fine art and wine to watches and rugs & tapestries, our network's breadth of expertise ensures accurate and insightful valuations for every appraisal need.


Within the realm of appraisers, there exist specialists with in-depth expertise in specific areas and generalists with extensive, broad-ranging knowledge. At Art Peritus, our team exclusively consists of trained and certified specialists. However, recognizing the practicalities of certain projects, we strategically deploy capable generalists, including our account managers for on-site inspections to optimize efficiency and reduce client costs.


In essence, appraisers champion not only the truth but also the art assets they evaluate. As seasoned experts, the role of Art Peritus involves providing insightful consultation on authenticity without formally certifying it. Our focus is uniquely dedicated to advocating for the artwork or objects integrity and ensuring a thorough understanding of its inherent value.

Additional Appraisal Services

Charitable Donation + Gift Tax

We assist our clients with requirements to provide appraisals for tax purposes in the event of a charitable donation or gift tax. All of our appraisals meet strict IRS guidelines.

Marital + Equitable Distribution

Our appraisals can serve as a helpful and evaluative guide in making decisions about how to address the scope and value of your collection for an equitable division of property.

Expert Testimony

Our firm is poised to offer expert reports and expert testimony in situations that must be litigated in the court of law. Our market knowledge and expertise are nationally recognized.

Appraisal Review

We offer our clients reviews of previous appraisals in order to assess validity, accuracy, and adherence to standard USPAP and IRS guidelines for legal, insurance, and tax purposes.

Liquidation, Bankruptcy + Collateral

In the current art market, where art is often used as collateral, we are uniquely poised to offer appraisals and advice that is an accurate and up-to-the-minute reflection of value.

Blockage Discount

In situations where there is a high volume of similar pieces, we advise on a careful dispersion of property and consider both collective and individual values in our appraisal.


“It was a professional pleasure to work with Art Peritus for our large, cross-category donation appraisal. Their communication, management, process, and product from engagement to completion was impressive. We were in comfortable and capable hands with the entire Art Peritus team.”
Maria L. Santangelo and Caitlin C. Yates, Bullimore Partners, LLC
On behalf of the Ann and Gordon Getty Art Collection

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