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When hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods and other disastrous incidents occur, it’s reassuring  to know that you have an experienced team on your side. With any size collection, Art Peritus is a maestro of organizational planning, specializing in the meticulous orchestration of mitigating damage to the fullest extent possible to steadily guide you through a crisis. 


Art Peritus puts expert boots on-the-ground from the start, overseeing all the crucial steps that are necessary to  minimize damage and protect your collection.

Site Management

Art Peritus liaises with all parties involved—from estate managers and contractors to conservators and property management. We consult on how to secure artwork or objects  both before and after damage incidents.


Leave the handling to the experts. Art Peritus advises on the most appropriate vendors vetted by your particular insurer, and then oversees all necessary art handling, crating, and shipping, as well as in-home care and conservation scheduling.


After an incident, appraisals are needed to properly assess any damage. In the event of a loss, once conservation is complete, we provide fully illustrated USPAP compliant appraisals with comprehensive loss analysis and comparables to support insurance claim settlement negotiations.


“I just wanted to let you kno that working with Kathryn Jenif was truly wonderful. She communicated and arranged everything in a timely and professional manner. I thank you for recommending her and her firm, she was truly a delight to work with.”
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