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Our expertise and insights support private collectors, insurers, trust & estate attorneys, beneficiaries, fiduciaries, wealth managers, and others involved with oversight or care of valuable asset collections.

Private Clients

Art Peritus caters to sophisticated private clients and the next generation, providing comprehensive appraisal reports for insurance, aiding in strategic asset distribution for estate planning, addressing step-up in basis requirements, and fulfilling IRS estate tax filings. We collaborate objectively on charitable donation appraisals and partner with family offices, estate managers, and curators to oversee logistics, streamline collection needs, and offer swift crisis solutions for safeguarding clients' investments and treasured heirlooms.

Insurance Community

We are a preferred strategic partner, closely collaborating with insurance professionals to deliver accurate and in-depth appraisals. Our services include formal appraisals for comprehensive coverage, supporting the claims process, annual updates for market fluctuations, and informal reviews to identify potential underinsurance.

Professional Advisors

Art Peritus provides essential expertise for attorneys, CPAs, fiduciaries, and professional advisors, ensuring a clear record of valuables that contribute to successful estate plans and the protection of clients' passion asset portfolios. We stand firmly behind our appraisals as an essential resource in estate planning, IRS filing, trust administration, and equitable distribution.

Family Offices & Estate Managers

The Art Peritus team, armed with market knowledge and extensive collection expertise, is an essential resource for managing and overseeing luxury assets. Beyond traditional appraisals, we offer comprehensive inventories, logistical guidance, vetted referrals for care, and art crisis management to aid in preparation or aftermath of catastrophic events.

Planned Giving Officers & Institutions

Understanding the value of their tangible assets is vital for philanthropic collectors, influencing lasting legacy decisions and benefiting future generations and institutions. Art Peritus supports these choices through accurate IRS and USPAP compliant valuations, providing essential information for tax reporting and enabling confident management of art assets by collectors, planned giving professionals, and institutions, including Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) organizers.

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